Porch Rooms EP

by Saving Lives

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released May 9, 2012



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Saving Lives Jersey City, New Jersey

Emo ish indie rock from Jersey City NJ.
New Record comin soon. 9/1/15 ish

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Track Name: Good Side
i know we could be friends but its hard to pretend but we had to break before we got to bend. i know its been a long time, it was pretty tough, i know we fought alot, we drank to much but is this a reason not to stay in touch. it was most of a decade with alot to say, you cant force this to fade away into the darkest part of your brain. Well this wont be the last time, this wont be my last song, this wont be my last try. til i get on your good side.
Its alot to save but its harder to be brave but i know you better than anyone anyway. Now you smoke a cigarette in new england skies and ill sit here with blood shot eyes, our past repeats itself to many times. Well this used to be a blank page and now its marked, a paper friend ship that will never start but what is your excuse that you give your heart. I know it wont be fine but you know me better than life
Track Name: Porch Rooms
ill sit here this year.
sing what you mean, with missing teeth and the year my hair broke up with me. Unsure of what we are but shes with boys in cute suits, yea we're all bound to lose. We're all bound to lose. Our hearts they consume, what we need them to, getting drunk alone on our porch rooms. That we're married too, that we're married too. Lets cheers to whats next, someone not like you and her perfume on my breath. but you're not around, so i drink to wash it down, main street to drown the sound out. tell me hows the view, from my porch room. tell me hows the view from my porch room as you said goodbye to Jude, tell me hows the view from my porch room.