From, Here

by Saving Lives

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released October 8, 2013



all rights reserved


Saving Lives Jersey City, New Jersey

Emo ish indie rock from Jersey City NJ.
New Record comin soon. 9/1/15 ish

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Track Name: Coalesce
i cant commit to anyone and you're never coming back
ill hide my heart away in a box thats painted black
it reminds me everyday that im the furthest from perfect
the truth hurts all the same and i know i dont deserve this
Coalesce with just a dream
im signing out....hiding out
i dreamed that we could be so strong and all the fighting would be worth it
well why am i sitting here, with black bags trying to fix this
well im not dust i dont settle and you know ill never grow up
but im getting far to old for this and its my heart thats fucked
Coalesce with just a dream
im lying down......arms out
please forgive me, im trying to be brave
but you know that i cant stay
i thought that i could change you, started to believe
its harder to stay here, than it was to leave
Track Name: Baby Hair
i burned it all down today
feather of love blew away
your baby hair and the way you starred at my face
but ill regress because im a mess anyways
ill come back to late
ill retract what i say
because i regret everything
Alot of nerve, i have, to want you back
im half a map at the start, i fell apart
your baby hair and the way you starred at my heart
Track Name: The Winters
we were both born in the winter. Theyre calling out, our names, and the places that we were raised and the people we couldnt save and they will hope for better days. So until you come back, i will try to be less afraid, havnt felt colder days in the summer you moved away. Are we ghosts or are we angels, abandoned in the snow. Is there hope at all? I gotta know, when exactly are you coming home, what exactly are we doin wrong. and you know it wont be long til the winters take our hearts. You will spend the holidays in a city, thats 3 state lines to be. wondering how many feet of macadum it would take for you to come back to me. Vaugly apologizing for leaving, your falling family tree and now ill spend my days in the snow blaming it all on me. are we ghosts of love, are you really happy where you are.
Track Name: Local Winds
i can float away boy, and drink the wind i ride. i have seen the moon wish, it could kiss the sun goodnight. and we know that you wont be coming home, i can feel the rain when, its not raining at all. staring at your face girl, those constellation eyes. i can feel the earth tilt, we're getting colder everynight. But the local winds wont blow northeast. and we're falling off the arms of the trees. My prevailing hands girl, allover your side. i can feel the wind blow from your eyelashes to mine. and i know that, i know shes coming home, i can feel the stratus clouding up everything ive known. staring at the sun girl with overcast eyes, love is like the weather and we're getting colder every night. but the local winds wont blow northeast and we're falling off the trees. One last summer night, we turn to watch it die. Its so comfortable but its time, as seasons change with light
Track Name: From, Here
run away from here, all the time we fear, well i cant wait, for you, to stay, away.....from me